Hitler’s Ashes
You couldn’t make it up…

You couldn’t make it up…

Xi Jinping ordered a genocide
CCP Horror

Putin is silencing his opponents
Opposition to Putin challenging

Catholic Church Is Good For World

Stephen Fry and Christopher Hitchens discus with Archbishop John Onaiyekan and Ann Widdecombe chaired by Zeinab Badawi

Little did you know…

A decade before Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone, a tiny team of renegades imagined and tried to build the modern smartphone.

Revisiting the Supercapacitor

“The Attack on Our History & Culture”
Being reasonable

Neil Oliver. A man who thinks that being reasonable is the key to life…

Vladimir Pozner
Then they came for me

Noam Chomsky
American Empire and War Crimes

The 2,000-Year-Old Computer
Turing Turns In His Grave

Best Of Forbes 2021
Look What You Can Look Forward To In 2022

Carl Sagan
Testifying before Congress in 1985

War Powers!
The Industrial Complex

Jaguar XJC V12

Warren Buffett
The Omaha Kid

Donald J Trump
Idiots Make You Laugh

Fergie & Andrew

Tinker, Tailor
Hard on the other side

Peter Sellers
Banjo Player

Eric Weinstein

King George V

Lee Harvey Oswald

Kai-Fu Lee

Fiona Hill

Garry Kasparov

Fiona Hill

Sir Robert John Sawers

Bill Browder

Bill Browder

Teritorial Itegrity

Putin’s Playbook

Martin Hyde

Gustav Soderstrom

Johnny Harris

Andrei Kozyrev

Alexey Gudoshnikov

Christopher Steele

Intelligence Squared


No Hiding Place

FSB hit squad
Boris Nemtsov

Fiona Hill on alleged Russian atrocities

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Acting Tough…

Roman technologies

Stephen Fry

Noam Chomsky and Jeremy Scahill

Drones, hackers and mercenaries

Lord Dannatt

Clair Patterson

Calabrian Mafia in Italy

Joseph Goebbels

Oligarchs choose London


Colonel Richard Kemp

Simon Schama

Oliver Stone

Xi Jinping

George Hotz

Nina Khrushcheva

Mikhail Khodorkovsky

Bill Browder – CEO of Hermitage Capital

David Frum

Chef Jean Sulpice

Bill Browder: Freezing Order

Frankie Boyle

Larry Johnson

Jonathan Haidt

Michael Moore

Vassily Nebenzia

General Jack Keane

Liubov Tsybulska

Russo-Ukrainian War

Neil Oliver

Steve Jobs

General Sir Patrick Sanders

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Jonathan Pie

Mark Urban


Sergei Lavrov


Philip Short

Matt Frei

Lesia Vasylenko

Bill Browder Again

Dagogo Altraide

— About ColdFusion —
ColdFusion is an Australian based online media company independently run by Dagogo Altraide since 2009. Topics cover anything in science, technology, history and business in a calm and relaxed environment.


Yuri Felshtinsky

Mikhail Khodorkovsky

Klaus Schwab

John Pilger on Ukraine and Assange

Jack Barsky

Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Keoki Jackson

Pamela McCorduck

Yann LeCun

Vijay Kumar

François Chollet

Abramovich Superyacht Seeking Safety

Jeremy Corbell

Richard Moore

POTUS Pinocchio 45

Jake Broe

Rob O’Neill

Garry Nolan



Colin Angle

Steven Greer

Demis Hassabis

Regina Barzilay

Leonard Susskind

Private Eye’s 60th Anniversary Celebration

Fiona Hill again…

TVP World

John Sweeney

Who succeeds President Vladimir Vladimirovich 5 Kopek’s Putin

The true impact of sanctions on Russia


Chris Pearson

The WordPress Editor with Chris Pearson

Michio Kaku With Lex Fridman

Michio Kaku with Yonden Lhatoo

Gutenberg Editor

Chris Pearson Home Page

Russia Collapsing

Russia’s Military is Under Attack in Crimea

Arseniy Yatsenyuk


Aimless Browsing

Simple, 4-page website

Elon Musk 2

Xiao Qian

Honda CBX 1000

Putin’s Allies in Moscow ~ Jake Broe

Ukraine Will Have Air Superiority by January

Is Putin destroying Ukraine, Belarus and Russia?

Michael Cohen

Is This a Turning Point?

Yanis Varoufakis on Energy

Jeffrey Sachs

John Sweeney

Russians leave behind odd message
Revolutionary Engine

Russian detainees expose Moscow police

This A-Frame Airbnb Makes $500k Per Year

“Money Flowing” Despite Sanctions…

Lotus Esprit Turbo
Is the West’s propaganda flawed?

Bill Browder on his war

Poop Poop!

Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Martin Sixsmith

The end of President Vladimir Vladimirovich 5 Kopek’s Putin

The End Game Is Nigh


Fraud: The Big Four

Barbarossa: The Lost Diaries

Julia Ioffe Marks Putin’s Card

Bill Browder makes concrete proposals to end the President Vladimir Vladimirovich 5 Kopek’s Putin nightmare

Greta Thunberg: The teenage old soul of the climate crisis

Navy Seals

Women. Who needs them? Everyone!

Fight or Flight

Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges

General Ben Hodges

Norway Save Europe?

Major-General Chip Chapman

La Ninã and El Niño have monumental effects on weather patterns

Peter Thiel

William Spaniel Associate Professor

Bibi Benjamin Netanyahu

Harry Metcalfe

Tesla Knew The Secret

Nikola Tesla

Mikhail Khodorkovsky

Harley Lovegrove

Ricky Gervais and Richard Dawkins

Fiona Hill and Sarah Kelly

Michael Cohen on Trump Tax Returns

Dr Burzynski and the Cancer Cure Cover-up

Paul Massaro

Jake Broe: The nuclear threat

Maserati MC20 review

Sarah Crisp Recommends

Aston Martin Callum Vanquish 25 review

Analog vs digital

Crime and the FBI

LiveGood Earning potential


Coventry Awakening After Blitz

1938 Again!

Jaguar F-Pace SVR 1988 edition

Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang

Chess anyone?

Price Caps Work?

Hill Farmers Rejoice

Hemp Fiber

Hemp wool vs Sheep wool

Gee up Neddy
All that glitters…

Not only the CCP

Messing with US unwise…

Sand everywhere!


Yevgeny Prigozhin ~ Not a pastry chef

Fantasy Land

Just a Puppet

Madness | Безумие

Matt Frei

Fiona Hill

Sanctions biting Russia

Losing your Raison d’être

Most people miss the point…

Absolute Horror

Hold steady…


The Churchill Line?

Asia Rises


Every Airforce pilot is a King

Beat Russia or beat Putin?

Smoke and Mirrors

There Is Nothing for You Here

Russia Today?

The balloon is up

Left or Right?

Joseph Goebbels

Leaders Who Are Narcissistic

Democratic politicians are insecure

Unsung Hero…

Appalling mistake


Operation Goat

Poles apart…

Mistakes mean failure…


The End Is Nigh

William Felix Browder


MK II Jaguar



They Are Bombing

Courage is knowing what not to fear

Crime On Wheels


Cunning Plan

In Deep Water

Uyghurs Pay

Existential Threat

British Engineering

An Enigma

Century of Humiliation

Music Delights

Dancing Horses

Mark Hollingsworth

Falun Gong

FBI & China


The great thieves

The Big Lie

Turning it round…

Rouges Gallery

Barking mad…

The Big Nap

Fragile Power

V12 Is King

A Poor Show

All that glitters

More Wow!

Away day

Beware the King


The Journey


1984 For Real

Disguising Narcisism

Sick Burn

Obvious Things

Comedian’s Outshine Others

Common Sense

Murky Waters

Abject Failure

Prove Pivotal

Memory Lane

Deceptive Ai

The cover-up

Best Choice

Ukrainian Spring

Russian imperialism

Dissent Rife!

Some gripes

Ilya Ponomarev


Double declutch Essential

Mike Hawthorne

Weakness exposed


Headache for Putin

Decapitation Putin


Get’s my Goat!

Master of Arts

Our own Mafia

The enemy is within the gates

What comes next?

Russian Bollocks

Well I never…

Alliance’s Bizarre Unanimity Rule

Who to trust


Russian Protection Racket…

Glory to Ukraine

Russia Fails!

Putin will not stop

Mille Miglia


Quantum Wonder…

Child abuse…

Nothing is more noble…

Chinese Whispers


Dead Man Walking

Horrific cluster

Western hegemony over?

Hopes Dashed

False friend?

Lied to?

SAAB Secret…

Do the Research!

Chinese burn!

Feeling Good?

Red Notice

Remaking Stalin

Strange times

An obvious fact

Dumb Ways to Die

A Road Map

Big Brother!

Don’t count your chickens…

DJI Mavic

Worth It?

TicTak not TikTok…

It’s Real!

Twentynine Palms

I wonder

Think Ahead!

Action Tuneup

Brutality works…


Remember your children…

Beyond belief

President Vladimir Vladimirovich 5 Kopek’s Putin wonders…

Mind-numbing character

Ongoing mystery…

Never split the difference

Brilliant Insights…

Murder will out…

Jeremy Corbell

Lying or not?

Hey Victor?

Alien abduction

Interference from the Kremlin…

Public execution…

What binds us all?

Clear the decks…

It’s not a game…

UK Armed Services re-think required

You couldn’t make it up…

Remove five floors of people at the UN, nobody notices’…

If only…

European collaboration…

Foot to the metal and a hand on the tiller.

Never bet against Musk…

The very survival…

Believe it or not…


I bought one…

To The Point

Lying flat…


Fatal Error

Our Children

The Law on Counter-measures…

Tory Cockup Criminally Extreme…


History bites…

Who wants power?

We Never Learn…

Cock-up Personified…

Orban ~ Putin’s Little Bitch

The Note Taker

We shall continue to bomb our own cities until we win says Vladimir Vladimirovich 5 Kopek’s Putin

Intellectually challenging…

CIA Screwed…

Do you trust the Kremlin?

Dangerously bonkers


Russia, China and North Korea




Cruel deception

Stockholder owned Corporation

Pure courage



Butt Clenching

Deserved condemnation…

John Gotti like Trump…


Bye bye Putin (If)

Airbourne Novichok

Pimlico Assasination

Pourquoi l’Ukraine

Look before you leap…

Driving Bliss

Long Legs…


Fraud within Europe

In Store




Olof Palme mystery

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