Chef Jean Sulpice, two-starred, draws his inspiration from the terroir.

Chef Jean Sulpice, two-starred, draws his inspiration from the terroir.

Wild herbs and plants bring singular notes to his fish dish. All combined with the density of our 100% Pinot Noir, PN VZ 15. To discover in this video!

Le Chef Jean Sulpice, doublement étoilé, puise son inspiration du terroir. Des herbes et plantes sauvages apportent des notes singulières à son plat de poissons. Le tout combiné à la densité de notre 100% Pinot Noir, PN VZ 15. À découvrir dans cette vidéo! (For Francophiles)

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Bollinger PN VZ15 x Chef Jean Sulpice (Français)

Oh, and by the way. We, my wife and I, love France and just in case any of you are put off from going there because you have something against their President Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron, for whatever reason, he is at least straight in the sense of being honest and by the definition of Victor Hugo, who was no saint himself, to be a saint is the exception… To be upright is the rule… and when encountering disparaging voices against others, Macron will always say: Be bienveillant (Kind) towards them.

You won’t ever hear that from the narcissist Boris Johnson (BoJo Pinocchio) whom Zemour, the far right candidate in the French presidential elections, said he modelled himself on and, of course, Trump (POTUS Pinocchio 45) ~ No surprise there then! The definition of a Narcissistic personality is one suffering from Narcissistic personality disorder which, according to Mary Trump, Donald is an extreme and textbook example…

Tweeted Friday 03 June 2022 17 29 pm: For those of you who disparage Macron for whatever reason, he is at least straight in the sense of honest. When encountering disparaging voices against others, Macron always says bienveillant (Be Kind) towards them. You won’t hear that from BoJo Pinocchio or POTUS Pinocchio 45…

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