Russian Election MADNESS Happening NOW

Putin’s 3-day election in Russia has started and already the list of voter irregularities and crazy incidents are endless. Macron has woken up the French nation and they have declared they are officially all-in on making sure Russia is defeated in Ukraine. Ukraine has now launched drone strikes against 14 of Russia’s 30 oil refineries with significant amounts of Russia’s refinery capacity being taken offline now.

Video of drone strike on Russian oil refinery:…

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When there is only one candidate, there is a bit of a challenge. Let’s put it into perspective and compare it to the USA…
: “Rachel Maddow just flawlessly rattled off every major Biden accomplishment in 60 seconds.

That clip is a f’cking masterclass in messaging and every Dem should watch it, memorize it and repeat it to anyone ‘on the fence’ who is willing to listen. 🔥”
Bryan Dawson🇺🇸
BREAKING: The Biden economic miracle continues as US weekly initial jobless claims decline to 209K – crushing expectations of 218K.

After inheriting a worse economic disaster than Republicans handed Obama, @JoeBiden has given us below 4% unemployment for 2 straight years (first time since LBJ), the highest GDP in G7 – besting China.




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Russian Election MADNESS Happening NOW | | Kings will be tyrants from policy, when subjects are rebels from principle ~ Edmund Burke

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