The 1960s: Private Eye’s 60th Anniversary Celebration Episode 1

To celebrate Private Eye’s 60th anniversary, a host of stars perform extracts from all six decades of the magazine alongside editor Ian Hislop.

Episode 2 looks at the 1960s with Jan Ravens, Lewis Macleod and Harry Enfield as well as writer of The 60 Yearbook, Adam Macqueen.

Private Eye’s 60th Anniversary Celebration Episode 1

The 1960s: Private Eye’s 60th Anniversary Celebration Episode 2

The 1970s: Private Eye’s 60th Anniversary Celebration Episode 3

The 1980s: Private Eye’s 60th Anniversary Celebration Episode 4

The 1990s: Private Eye’s 60th Anniversary Celebration Episode 5

The 2000s: Private Eye’s 60th Anniversary Celebration Episode 6

The 2010s: Private Eye’s 60th Anniversary Celebration Episode 7

If you think that ‘Fake News’ is an invention of Donald J Trump or otherwise known as POTUS Pinocchio 45, think again.

Emily Maitlis on the ascent to power of the man who made presidents wait. J Edgar Hoover built then ran the FBI for almost five decades. He turned it from a bureaucratic backwater into a premier crime fighting and counterintelligence force. In the process, he arguably became America’s most powerful man. He’s been dead 50 years and still his shadow looms over the US. Today’s fears of a ‘deep state’ – of unaccountable government officials working against the public in their own interest – can be traced back to him. In the first of an 8-part series, Emily shows how though his job was to enforce the law… he would not always be bound by it.

The People Vs J Edgar Hoover
1. The Director Will See You Now

The People Vs J Edgar Hoover
2. G-Men

The People Vs J Edgar Hoover
3. Infamy

Vs J Edgar Hoover
4. Witches

The People Vs J Edgar Hoover
5. “The Most Notorious Liar in the Country”

The People Vs J Edgar Hoover
6. The Break-In

The People Vs J Edgar Hoover
7. Publish and Be Damned

The People Vs J Edgar Hoover
8. Shredded

War on Truth
What do you do when you’re Ukrainian and your cousin in Russia refuses to believe her country is attacking your home?

After spending days huddled in an air raid shelter, Kristina and her family managed to flee the capital Kyiv with just the few possessions they could carry. Her ordeal has been made that much worse because her cousin in Russia – who’s been watching Russian TV – remains convinced that it’s actually the Ukrainian forces who are bombing their own country.

It’s a symptom of the information war over Ukraine that is raging alongside the military battle. And like the conflict on the ground, this fight also has real consequences for the people whose lives it touches.

Russia’s military assault has been accompanied by an onslaught of disinformation and propaganda from state media, trolls and influencers. With all sides seeking to capture and control the narrative, how do you tell what is fake and what is real?

In this podcast series, BBC disinformation reporter Marianna Spring investigates stories from Ukraine, Russia, and around the world, and hears from those caught up in the battle for the truth.

1st episode
Kristina: ‘My cousin thinks we’re bombing ourselves’
What do you do when your relative refuses to believe her country is attacking yours?

2nd episode
Maxim: Homeless and trolled
Maxim’s home was destroyed, but he never expected to be called a liar.

3rd episode
Masha: The influencer who is a secret weapon
How a Eurovision host and other stars are helping Ukraine fight an information war.

4th Episode
Marianna: one baby, three photos, and a web of lies
A pregnant woman injured in the bombing of a maternity hospital was attacked again online.

5th Episode
Rob: ‘Covid was a hoax, and so is the war’
They didn’t believe Covid was real – and now they think the war in Ukraine is staged.

6th Episode
Marianna Part 2: The view from the other side
Russia spun a web of lies around her photo, but now she’s resurfaced to tell her story.

7th Episode
Sergei: ‘It’s my duty to keep telling Russians the truth’
The Russian journalist who refused to stay silent after the Kremlin took him off air.

8th Episode
Tetyana: ‘My son is the Snake Island hero’
How a story of sweary heroism wasn’t quite what it seemed.

9th Episode

10th Episode
Roddy: ‘We don’t trust the media – so we became it’
How self-styled citizen journalists are covering the war in Ukraine.


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