Russian father has no mercy for his son – says this war will continue as long as it needs be

Time Stamps:
02:29 – military service is compalsory in Russia
03:55 – some firms in Russia offer mutilation services to dodge the Army
04:48 – medical examination boards are fictional
07:09 – a call to his father
09:25 – it is strange what we are doing here in Ukraine
09:38 – father says it is all normal – shut up and stay cool
11:52 – father says it is normal that Russian military newcomers don’t need training before combat
14:03 – really harsh on his son
14:06 – talks about khokhly [Ukrainians] 14:12 – he thinks his son gets bashed his brains hard but says he doesn’t care
15:42 – look at him – he needs a mother!
17:37 – why don’t you like Ukrainians so much?
18:33 – father didn’t like how President Zelenskyy was spoken to
19:00 – criminal released and running with weapons
20:25 – about nationalism, Nazism, fascism
20:35 – about Ukrainian Trident (Coat of Arms)
21:47 – about Azov
22:00 – fascist symbols, SS symbols in Russian Federation
23:04 – who has fascism – Russia or Ukraine?
23:16 – who invaded a foreign country and kills civilian people – Russia or Ukraine?
23:35 – Russia invaded Ukraine eight years ago in the eastern area (Donbas)
24:02 – proof of presence of Russian military in OSCE reports
24:33 – acknowledges presence of Russian military in Donbas all eight years
26:52 – again about Azov and their status as a unit of Ukrainian Armed Forces (The Azov Special Operations Detachment, also known as the Azov Regiment or Azov Battalion until September 2014, is a neo-Nazi unit of the National Guard of Ukraine based in Mariupol in the coastal region of the Sea of Azov, from where it derives its name. Wikipedia)
28:26 – Azov actually fights in Mariupol against real fascists – who invaded Ukraine
28:50 – what is the end goal of the Russia’s war against Ukraine?
30:38 – does he know how many casualties Russia has had so far in Ukraine?
31:10 – how many more people need to die for Russia to achieve its goal?
32:44 – do you approve Russian war in Ukraine?
33:39 – For Reference: fact check about the topics that were brought up in this interview
33:40 – video with Zelenskyy that the father refers to in this interview
36:54 – pictures of President and military that he previously talked to
37:03 – Ukrainian Coat of Arms and a kestrel
37:11 – Nazism in Russia – Russian Marches, Russian Spring
37:38 – Russian commandant Pushilin gives an award to a combatant wearing SS dead head patch
37:48 – Putin likes swastika, too, on his favourite horse

The author of this podcast is not a Ukrainian or Russian speaker and this time-line looks a bit odd. Many a slip between ‘Cup and lip’ perhaps…

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