The Murder of King George V, 1936

When King George V died on the evening of 20th January 1936, it was famously said that upon being told he would soon be well enough to visit Bognor to recuperate, he uttered his last words: “Bugger Bogner!” he said.

He then died, surrounded by his loving family. But it was a lie: it was only discovered 50 years later, when the diary of his doctor Lord Dawson of Penn was examined, that the King had been murdered…

Upon its discovery in 1986, the response to the events of that evening was muted in the press, and ever since it has been handled with great – and unwarranted – circumspection. And yet it is a fact that one, and quite probably 2, famous men got away with murder that night…

Murder of King George V They Got Away With Murder; Mark John Maguire True Crime Murder Mystery Regicide ~ True Crime Documentary

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  • Portal News May 7, 2022 @ 12:27

    Strange , your posting shows up with a dark color to it, what shade is the primary color on your webpage?

  • mgp May 7, 2022 @ 23:46

    Thank you for your comment. The picture of King George is a photograph of a painting. The grey block beneath it holds the key to playing the video. Normally, the software picks up the illustration that is posted with the YouTube video but sometimes that doesn’t work. Where this happens, I substitute a near likeness for aesthetic reasons.

    I trust that I have answered this correctly and if not, please let me know.

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      Thank you Tomasz. I’m humbled by your comments but the texts are mostly not mine. I copy a large portion of the text that I use directly from the description that accompanies the video. Where I may comment is on your own response. Maybe “I’m learning a lot about writing by reading what is written on the net”. And “You do a first-rate job with all of these ‘tittle’ maybe ’titles’.

      I am keen to encourage you.

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