‘Very dangerous point’: Former British Commander makes chilling WWIII claim

Former British Commander Colonel Richard Kemp says “We’re probably closer to World War Three than we’ve ever been”.

“Probably including the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962,” Colonel Kemp told Sky News Australia.

“I think we are at a very, very dangerous point now.”

Is NATO a ‘Paper Tiger’. No NATO country agreed to stay in Afghanistan when the USA pulled the pug and when the British asked the alliance to consider it.

Ukraine is a completely different entity. Ukraine is likely to succeed in its application to join NATO too. They must stabilise their political and societal criminal leanings before they are granted EU and NATO membership.

They may try and avoid the political models of the Tory Party in the UK and the GOP in the US and construct something that resonates with the Ukrainian people as a whole. Plumbing their rich history would be a start.

ALL European countries have a right-wing constituency that is mostly held in check. If they follow the lead given by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy and be upright, they will be on their way.

To quote Victor Hugo, who was no saint himself, to be a saint is the exception. To be upright is the rule. In the confrontation, between the two leaders Zelenskyy and Putin, only one can be considered upright.

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