John Bolton on why he now wants to stop Trump at all costs | The InnerView

Former US National Security Adviser John Bolton opens up about his tumultuous term during Donald Trump’s tenure as President, leading to a high profile falling out and a tell-all book.

From Trump’s jibe that Bolton was hated by everyone in the White House to accusations of him being a pro-war hawk who has admitted to being involved in American-backed coups, Imran Garda gains intriguing insight into a man who makes no apologies for his version of American exceptionalism.
01:48 The plot to assassinate Bolton
02:57 Is Bolton running for President?
05:37 Trump’s handling of classified documents
07:11 Why Bolton chose not to help in Trump’s impeachment?
09:56 Stopping Trump becoming President again
11:13 January 6th – insurrection or not?
13:53 Is it America’s job to overthrow governments?
16:58 Justifying the Iraq War
17:36 Bolton vs. Trump
20:16 ‘Biden is getting old’
20:58 Attacks on Bolton
22:49 Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
24:25 The threat of nuclear war

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John Bolton on why he now wants to stop Trump at all costs | The InnerView | | The misfortune of the wise is better than the prosperity of the fool ~ Epicurus (c. 341-270 BCE)




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