Former White House advisor warns of renewed Russian assault on Kyiv | Conflict Zone


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Former Trump Administration National Security Council Russia expert, Fiona Hill, says Vladimir Putin is as determined as ever to conquer Ukraine on his own terms and that he may see reports of Russia’s battlefield losses only as Western propaganda and disinformation.
Hill told DW’s Sarah Kelly that Putin had not changed his goals of defeating Ukraine and that another ground offensive, including against the capital Kyiv is possible—even if Russian casualties continue to mount.
The former top White House expert on Russia said that Putin has still “got his sights on the capitulation of Ukraine, one way or another … if he thinks having another go at Kyiv would be successful, then he will certainly try that.”
Hill, who testified during Donald Trump’s first impeachment on withheld US military aid to Ukraine and Trump’s phone call with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, spoke to DW’s Sarah Kelly from Washington for Conflict Zone.

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00:00 Intro
00:54 Fiona Hill Welcome
01:35 First attempt on Kyiv & threat to Zelenskyy
01:55 Putin has his sights on capitulation of Ukraine
02:14 Belarus visit with Lukashenko
02:53 Is Putin losing the war?
04:00 Putin willing to sacrifice 300,000 Russian troops
04:40 Can Russia accept loss of Crimea?
05:00 Are Ukrainian “de-occupation” goals realistic?
05:45 Russia’s claims on Ukrainian territory
06:35 US & UK responsibility to Ukraine after nuclear disarmament
07:05 Will Russian people accept a claim of victory?
08:30 Kazakhstan, Armenia, Moldova reassessing Moscow
09:30 Putin’s grip on power and infallibility
10:50 Support from China, India, South Africa
11:40 Don’t count Putin out, but ….
12:05 End of Cold War & Putin’s shifting aim
12:25 2007 Munich Security Conference
12:45 2008 Bucharest NATO summit
13:10 Ukraine doesn’t exist in Putin’s version of history
14:20 Frank-Walter Steinmeier & German trade with Russia
15:10 2014 Annexation of Crimea, World War Two & United Nations General Assembly
16:05 Vladimir Putin has declared war on the West
17:20 EU, NATO, US, Japan, South Korea & annexations
17:40 Poland, Baltic states, Scandinavia, UK understanding of Russia
18:00 US support for Ukraine as 2024 election looms
19:40 Donald Trump’s first impeachment
20:15 January 6th Committee, Trump, & Hunter Biden
21:19 Russian propaganda is gaining traction
21:45 Czar Vladimir and Russia’s Manifest Destiny
22:03 Crimea’s first annexation in 1783
23:20 Don’t give Putin what he wants
23:40 Collapse of Soviet Union
24:05 Putin has turned back clock to the Stalinist 1950s
25:25 Inflection point in European & world history

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Legend has it that Pyrrho could defeat anyone in argument, then take his opponent’s position and defeat his own.  He could do this because he knew that human truth was fundamentally one-sided, and so could not eliminate opposition.


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