Disturbing CIA Document Finally Confirms JFK Coverup | John Newman

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Dr. Newman is a retired U.S. Army intelligence officer who served as a strategic intelligence cryptologic analyst before accepting a special two-year appointment to become Military Assistant to the Director, General William Odom at the National Security Agency. He is an expert in Far Eastern studies, a scholar of Christian Theology and comparative religions, a historian and educator.

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/ jonesdanny

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0:00:00 – Pick-pocketed by CIA
00:10:18 – CIA & the Mafia
00:14:33 – The coverup
00:19:32 – FBI & Oswald
00:22:23 – Vietnam
00:31:28 – Undeniable evidence
00:43:43 – J. Edgar Hoover
00:49:07 – The Trojan Horse: General Maxwell Taylor
00:53:27 – The nuclear plan
01:02:39 – Military coup d’état
01:09:00 – Allen Dulles & Nazi secrets
01:14:03 – LBJ’s knowledge
01:23:44 – Tonkin Gulf & Louse
01:36:11 – Berlin conflict
01:42:50 – Khrushchev & Cuba
01:52:23 – Mongoose & Northwoods
02:00:52 – 7 Days in May film
02:03:34 – How MLK & JFK saved the world
02:31:34 – Yoga
02:39:57 – War of the ice ages





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Disturbing CIA Document Finally Confirms JFK Coverup | John Newman | https://bit.ly/3UCyT0O | History is a set of lies agreed upon ~ Napoléon Bonaparte






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