The 12 Causes of the Russo-Ukrainian War

What caused the Russo-Ukrainian War? This video tackles that question in four phases.

First, we examine the substantive reasons Russia invaded Ukraine.

Second, I explain why those reasons are collectively a half-cause for war.

Third, we switch gears to discuss bargaining problems.

Finally, we will investigate what each of these explanations implies for how the war will end…

0:00 Outline
1:19 Separatist Regions
3:54 Crimean Land Bridge
5:02 Russian Irredentism
6:42 East-West Rivalry
7:49 Energy
9:36 Water
10:34 Nazis
12:20 Substantive Explanations Are Half-Causes
12:54 Visualizing War’s Expected Outcome (LINES ON MAPS)
14:21 Costs Incentivize Bargaining
15:09 Bargaining over Oil
17:00 Bargaining over Autonomy
17:34 Why War Is Puzzling
18:52 Preventive War and Shifting Power
21:00 Preemptive War and First Strikes
24:20 Uncertainty and Miscalculation
26:24 Rational, Unitary Actor Explanations for War
27:05 Irrationality
29:39 Personal Benefits
31:28 Substantive Cases and War Termination
32:57 Leadership Change
36:36 Stopping Power Shifts
39:52 Information Convergence
42:29 Endgame

Tweeted: The 12 Causes of the Russo-Ukrainian War | | With great thanks to William Spaniel whose video it is. President Vladimir Vladimirovich 5 Kopek’s Putin should be replaced by Mikhail Khodorkovsky to revive the economy and Bill Browder to oversee the markets…

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