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Hidden wife Stella Assange is petrified that her husband WikiLeaks founder and free speech martyr Julian Assange (Free Assange) – is about to go the same way as Jeffrey Epstein.

Currently held in Belmarsh Prison in London after a stint in the Ecuadorian Embassy, his last-ever appeal against extradition to the US is coming up at the Royal Court of Justice on the 20th and 21st of February 2024, and she believes the CIA will finish him off. Stella married Julian Assange in a maximum-security wedding ceremony like no other. They had kids together in secret.

Meanwhile, the Australian Government (PM Anthony Albanese) voted to urge the UK and US to allow Assange to return to Australia.

In recent news, artist Andrei Molodkin to destroy Picasso, Rembrandt and Warhol masterpieces if Julian Assange dies in prison. He has gathered 16 works of art – which he estimates are collectively worth more than $45m – in a 29-tonne safe with an “extremely corrosive” substance.

Stella Assange’s admired heretic is Wilfred Burchett. See her in other interviews, such as her video with Jordan B. Peterson.

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0:00:00 Stella Assange Highlights
0:01:30 The most important publisher of our times
0:03:30 WikiLeaks Stepped Up After NYT Said NO
0:07:25 How Julian Leaked
0:09:00 What the Pentagon is Hiding
0:11:30 How Stella Met Her Husband Julian
0:14:30 The Secret Assassination Plot on Julian
0:16:50 The Swedish Case Against Him
0:19:30 Persecuted for his Publishing
0:20:51 Julian Assange’s FINAL Appeal
0:23:30 Likely Extradition
0:26:30 What Will Happen to Julian Assange in the US
0:29:30 Reporters Are Petrified
0:31:30 Criminal Spying Activities of the CIA
0:34:30 This is Really Scary
0:38:30 How Stella FEELS
0:42:30 What it is Like for Julian in Prison
0:45:30 Kafkaesque Cruel Prison
0:48:30 He Will Lose His Life
0:51:30 What We Can All Do
0:54:30 What If He Isn’t Extradited?
0:56:40 A Heretic Stella Admires





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