Putin’s folly: Russia’s brutal invasion one year on | Ukraine: The Latest | Special video podcast

The war in Ukraine is reshaping our world.

Every weekday since the invasion, the Telegraph’s team of experts in London and correspondents on the ground have analysed the conflict for the ‘Ukraine: The Latest’ podcast, combining our reporting with detailed analysis of the war from all angles – military, humanitarian, political, economic, and historical.

With over 24 million downloads, it has grown to become the paper’s most popular podcast ever, with millions of listeners across Europe and the Atlantic.

To mark a year of war, we recorded a special video version of the podcast with its three core presenters – David Knowles, Dominic Nicholls, and Francis Dearnley – to reflect on the last 12 months and to answer questions submitted by listeners. They are joined by Aliona Hlivco, a former Ukrainian MP, and Oksana Zabuzhko, renowned Ukrainian novelist and essayist.

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Putin’s folly: Russia’s brutal invasion one year on | Ukraine: The Latest | Special video podcast | http://bit.ly/3ZisNCu | Courage is a kind of salvation ~ Plato (428-327 BCE)


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