Putin’s Ukraine losses will cause a Kremlin power struggle | Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges

“There’s going to be a lot of really tough power struggles in Russia over the next six months.”

Russia’s military failure could see Russia turn on Putin if he mobilises more soldiers, Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges tells Chief Political Commentator Lucy Fisher on #timesradio

Some Comments:
Edgar Roste
Couldn’t agree with the General more. I’ve never in my 64 years ever protested in the streets for anything. However, if our western governments cave in and abandon Ukraine, that would get me out on the street with deep anger. This is an existential threat to western democracy (not just Ukraine) and to abandon the Ukrainian people who are seeking the same freedoms we take fore granted, would be incredibly selfish and to betray everything my father’s generation fought for in WW2.
I really appreciated that the reporter did her homework and had intelligent questions and a firm grasp of of the topics. That was by far the best Times Radio interview I’ve seen in weeks.
richard simms
General Hodges is a pleasure to listen to. He is Intelligent and well educated. He shows plenty of wisdom, as well as no obvious biases. Have him on your program frequently please.
Rosemary Allen
Proud to be British! I met a charming Ukrainean refugee and her little girl recently, and her gratitude was very moving. We must all continue to support the beleaguered nation of Ukraine.
Hodges has a very sharp grasp on the current situation in Ukraine. I usually talk to multiple sources including in Ukraine, and every time I watch Hodges I’m amazed how on top he is. The most interesting part is when I asked Ukrainian to watch Hodges, he did and his response was like “This is the gist, there’s no better way I could translate this to English, this is exactly how we think”.
Michał Ziomek
I love that the interviewer have gen. Hodges the time to fully answer questions instead of cutting him off mid-sentence.
tamas gyorffy
One my favorite Experts. A real authority. Learned so much from him, his words. Thanks! Mentioning the 100s of 1000s of kidnapped UA citizen lost somewhere in ruzzia was a good point that is often forgotten (in mainstream western media. Ukrainians sure don’t forget them). Slava Ukraini! Glory to the Heroes! Highest considerations to General Hodges!
Hula Mei
Ukraine is the first line defense for democracy world wide!! Small inconveniences are little to ask of every democracy!
Hugo Desrosiers-Plaisance
I’m a simple man. I see General Hodges, I click.
By giving us the real deal, he promotes understanding of the issue and this, in turn, contributes to reducing fear in the general population. He does important work.
Ben Hodges is so humble, he’ll always admit when he’s wrong – rare enough and usually just on the time frame for Ukrainian successes. And telling the interviewer that she thought of a military point before he did is so unusual for a prominent person. A class act.
Da Trevmeister
I love this interview I love how this gentleman always details and explains the situation. I can’t get enough of this type of interviews. Please have some more!
Michael Denathorn
Yet another great interview, honestly, TR is leaps and bounds ahead of the pack in it’s guest contributors, and like someone said below, they let their interviewee say their piece when it comes to the straight to the point questions they give.
Tig Durrant
As ever the most remarkable insight…. If every person in Europe and USA listened to this they would never complain or whine about costs … Ukraine is fighting for all of us not just themselves
Odds Ends
Last question was good – about possible Russian actions moving beyond the end of Nov ’22. This question should have been asked and answered before the Russians started the terror campaign of bombing infrastructure… and we should have had the response in the hands of the Ukrainians in advance. Somebody was asleep on the job. Good interview. Thanks for letting Ben talk.
Brian Long
If I were in a battle, I would want this man to be my commander.
Gen. Hodges’ quiet humility and broad knowledge of economic and military realities is top notch. He even discloses when he is speculating. His speculations are worth ten times what the election denier population can relate as observed facts!
David Turk
It’s inconceivable that Russia could conduct a general mobilization when they couldn’t handle the 150,000 recently mobilized.
Kenneth Lane
This presentation is one of the best I have seen. In my opinion the Host had the best questions and Lt. Gen. Hodges had the best answers. I could listen to him for hours. His way of analyzing the situation in Ukraine and in Russia makes more sense than anything I have heard so far.
I would want Ben Hodges on my National Security Council.
Albrecht Schulz aka CojaboBerlin
Really professional how the interview was lead. Great questions. No interruptions. It really paints a big picture. Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges is right that Russia should have been stopped way earlier. It´s not looking good that it had to come to this big mess to finally stop Russia on its imperial ambitions. Too many lives lost.
This man is an ace when it comes to knowing what’s going on and how to deal with it. I hope the US and all the Allies are listening to him. Ukraine must win and they must give them everything they need to win. I’m always happy when I hear that Canada has donated cold weather clothing Etc because we live in a cold country and we know how to operate in snow storms and Below Zero temperatures. Slava Ukraine!
Roger Collins
Excellent interview for understanding the overall picture of what is happening in Ukraine …and why it is important
Douglas Engel
You can tell this guy really knows his stuff. Great interviewer too.
Leif Goodwin
It is always interesting to listen to Times Radio interviews. They get current and past senior military figures, and let them speak, so we can benefit from their insights. No interruptions and put downs from the journalist. Who would have thought Ukraine could not only resist Russia, but push them back.
Cat C
I trust Ben Hodges and Prof Timothy Snyder more than any other sources on Ukraine so far. In addition to their expertise, they’ve both been right more often than other experts, and they’ve also been very open to admit when they were wrong.
It is good to remember that we could get even worse than Putin as his replacement, but as Hodges points out, Russian society is pretty brutal in general and they are willing to sacrifice way too many people for seemingly not very spectacular or noble goals.
Tony Hull
This is the best YouTube channel right now for learning about the war in Ukraine. I really appreciate the thoughtful, intelligent questions from the hosts and the insightful, brilliant responses from the guests. It’s refreshing to have a news source that avoids the sensational narrative of the mainstream media sources.


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