Lex Fridman Podcast 001 Max Tegmark Life 3.0

Max Tegmark: Life 3.0

Lex Fridman is a computer scientist and AI researcher at MIT


Christof Koch Consciousness

A Catholic who touches the root of being…

Steven Pinker

Lex Fridman | Steven Pinker

Always predict the worst and you will be hailed as a prophet!

James Dyson Answers Design Questions From Twitter

Yoshua Bengio: Deep Learning

Deep Learning | Lex Fridman Podcast #4

Vladimir Vapnik: Statistical Learning

Lex Fridman Podcast #5

Guido van Rossum: Python
python Bacground

Stack Overflow and Coding Horror
Coding Horror

Focused answering and questions or discussing

Eric Schmidt: Google
Past Google CEO

Lex Fridman Podcast #8

Stuart Russell
Where does this end

Pieter Abbeel
Deep Reinforcement Learning

Juergen Schmidhuber
Travelling salesman problem

Tuomas Sandholm
Heads Up Texas Hold’em

Tomaso Poggio
Brains, Minds, and Machines

Kyle Vogt
Successful Entrepreneur

Eric Weinstein

Greg Brockman

Elon Musk

Ian Goodfellow

Oriol Vinyals

Chris Lattner

Rajat Monga

Gavin Miller

Rosalind Picard

Jeff Hawkins: Thousand Brains Theory of Intelligence

Sean Carroll

Kai-Fu Lee

Chris Urmson

Kevin Scott: Microsoft CTO

Elon Musk

Drones, hackers and mercenaries


George Hotz

Jonathan Haidt

Sundar Pichai

Smart Video Tactics

Klaus Schwab

Paola Arlotta

Keoki Jackson

Pamela McCorduck

Yann LeCun

Vijay Kumar

François Chollet

Jeremy Corbell

Garry Nolan


Colin Angle

Steven Greer

Demis Hassabis

Regina Barzilay

Leonard Susskind

Peter Norvig

David Ferrucci

Michio Kaku With Lex Fridman

Michio Kaku with Yonden Lhatoo

Elon Musk 2

Fight or Flight

Dr Burzynski and the Cancer Cure Cover-up

Paul Massaro


Turning it round…

The Big Nap


Disguising Narcisism

Who knows?

Ai & Canva


Quantum Wonder…

Strange times

A Road Map

Big Brother!

Don’t count your chickens…

DJI Mavic

TicTak not TikTok…

It’s Real!

Twentynine Palms

I wonder

Think Ahead!

Brutality works…

Beyond belief

Never split the difference

Brilliant Insights…

Jeremy Corbell

Lying or not?

Alien abduction

Interference from the Kremlin…

Public execution…

Never bet against Musk…

I bought one…

Our Children

Exploding Now!

Cruel deception

Black Sheep Harvard…