L7 explanation and short presentation video

🇬🇧 L7 explanation and short presentation video





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L7 explanation and short presentation video | https://bit.ly/3RFzb5C | Love is Light, that enlightens those who give and receive it ~ Einstein

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3 comments… add one
  • Anna Loredana Orlando Oct 7, 2023 @ 22:37

    Ukraine war is for us a common daily fact. In Europe, amont the so-called allied countries, there is not a real agreemnt as to the aids to
    be supplied to Ukraina. We are deeply involved as to weapon supplies but agreement is not unanimous and discussions on this
    matter are very frequent at government level. We have sheltered a
    lot of refugees, entire families and we love them. They are polite,
    intelligent and ready to sacrifice.. they are so sad that we try to get
    children out of home most part of the day. We are not positive as to the final result of this conflict. In our opinion greatest enemy are neither Putin not Russian, but China.

    • mgp Oct 8, 2023 @ 17:08

      Hi Anna and thank you for responding to the L7 DEX presentation video. Regarding your comments, I generally share your sentiments and outlook. Where I differ is rather nuanced and it concerns Putin and Chi individually. Both of these characters are imbued with training and saving face characteristics that are orchestrated within the Kremlin and the CCP. I have met a number of Russian individuals and non are like Putin. Similarly Chinese individuals I have met have had exemplary personal characters, young and old. We cannot overlook, however, what is happing daily in Ukraine nor in Mongolia and to the Uyghurs or Uighurs who are predominantly Sunny Islam Muslim. The ethnic Uighur population used to be the majority in China’s Xinjiang region. The Xinjiang autonomous region in China’s far west has had a long history of discord between the authorities and the indigenous ethnic Uighur population.

      Regarding the Chinese view, I recently published a video on my blog: In Defence of China with Keyu Jin | https://tinyurl.com/st55xpnk and I enjoyed it while keeping the facts of the treatment of Mongolians and the Uyghurs in mind.

      If you enjoyed the L7 DEX presentation and wished to know more, I shall be happy to explain in more detail.

      Thank you for responding Anna.


      Malcolm Patten

    • mgp Oct 27, 2023 @ 10:27

      Hi Anna,

      Do you know much about cryptocurrency? A friend recently introduced me to something that I was very impressed with and I decided to engage with it. I like what they are doing and could immediately see the extraordinary financial benefits to me and the people I know.

      If I sent you a 7-minute video that provides an overview of the opportunity, when could you watch it?

      Kind regards

      Malcolm Patten

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