What is TextExpander?

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Communicate smarter with TextExpander. It’s a knowledge base from which you can communicate quickly and accurately across your devices. Easily insert “snippets” of text in any app from a library of content created by you and your team.

For example, type “em1” and it expands to your email address of “email@companyemail.com”.

Or “tdate” expands to Wednesday 20 April 2022 14:45 pm very use full if you are taking notes…

TextExpander comes with a variety of ready-made snippets to get you started, available from Public Groups. These snippet groups include autocorrect libraries in English, French, and German to correct your typing in all apps, as well as groups for Accented Words (crème brûlée), HTML and CSS (<h1></h1>), Symbols (©), Emoji and more.

Create flexible templates for emails and forms, using “Mad Libs” style fill-in-the-blank areas. As you expand email template snippets, customise the field for the recipient’s first name, and any other data unique to the situation. This is both faster and more accurate than typing it out by hand, or coping/paste from a previously written message. Insert the current or future date, paste copied text as a snippet expands, choose the final cursor location, and run scripts.

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