Vladimir Putin interviewed by the Financial Times | FT

0:00:08 How has the world changed over the last 20 years?

0:01:49 Has the world become more fragmented?

0:02:27 What do you want to achieve in Osaka?

0:04:31 OPEC oil production agreements

0:07:27 How does Trump compare to other US presidents?

0:10:54 Trump’s criticisms of European alliances

0:15:10 Globalisation vs ‘America First’

0:16:25 Russia and China’s relationship

0:21:02 Danger of tensions between Russia America and China

0:24:05 Arms control

0:26:45 Potential for nuclear agreements

0:28:08 China’s maritime strength

0:30:45 North Korea

0:33:06 North Asia security situation

0:34:42 Has your appetite for risk increased?

0:36:51 Intervening in Syria

0:42:13 Venezuela

0:50:15 Anglo-Russian relations post Skripal

0:55:32 Did what happened in Salisbury send an unambiguous message to anyone who is thinking of betraying the Russian state that it is fair game?

0:57:04 Russia’s economy and foreign exchange reserves

1:04:18 Russia’s macro economic stability – oligarchs

1:06:05 Breakup of the Soviet Union vs China’s anticorruption campaign

1:09:30 Can Russian remain immune to backlashes against the establishment?

1:14:30 Did Angela Merkel make a mistake?

1:18:32 The end of the liberal idea

1:21:15 Religion is not the opium of the masses?

1:21:49 Is now the time for illiberals?

1:24:33 Who do you most admire?

1:26:10 How will your successor be chosen?


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