Toyota’s Says They Just Destroyed EVs With This – Truth About Hydrogen Combustion Engines

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For years it’s been battery EVs and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles that have competed for the title of the future of mobility. But it’s hardly been a content, with battery EVs dominating, and Fuel Cells, a distant afterthought. But Toyota is investing in a new hydrogen combustion engine, like a gasoline engine, except it runs on Hydrogen. So why are they doing this, what pros and cons do they have, and will they actually move the needle in Hydrogen’s Favour? Let’s find out!

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0:00 – Introduction 1:19 – Toyota’s New Engine
2:30 – Hydrogen Combustion History
3:00 – Alternatives
3:50 – Benefits
7:10 – Costs
8:30 – Efficiency
10:30 – Hydrogen Infrastructure Problem
11:00 – Dirty Little Secret
12:30 – Safety what we’ll cover two bit da vinci,hydrogen car,hydrogen engine,hydrogen powered car,hydrogen fuel,hydrogen motor,hydrogen vs electric cars,hydrogen vs electric,hydrogen car tesla,hydrogen car toyota,tesla hydrogen,hydrogen combustion,hydrogen combustion engine,hydrogen v8,hydrogen ev,hydrogen,hydrogen fuel cell,why toyota is not going electric,toyota hydrogen engine,toyota hydrogen,Toyota’s Says They Just Destroyed EVs With This,Truth About Hydrogen Combustion Engines





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Toyota’s Says They Just Destroyed EVs With This – Truth About Hydrogen Combustion Engines | | In all science, error precedes the truth, and it is better it should go first than last. Horace Walpole


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