Start your own Blog the easy way!

Start your own Blog the easy way! You have something to say and you want to say it. You want to grow your audience and maybe you aspire to host a YouTube Channel…

Blogs are easy to make… Right?

Yup. You just need an idea in your head and you begin writing. OK?

Probably not.

You have the idea, Yes. Then you have to choose the platform. Should you use ‘WordPress’ or should you use or should you use another program altogether?

Your search around the internet brings a number of options. One of them is listed here:
The best free blogging platforms for artists and designers in 2022

Overall, you may conclude that the WordPress site is best of all. If you do, Chris Pearson and I can dramatically help you to achieve this.

You will need to spend a bit of money but you can build up to it which, is what I did.

Let’s assume that you are going to do it properly, right from the start. Think of a domain name and register that. There are some domain name registrars that are quite poisonous and before you know it, you will be spending far more to register your domain than you need. Of the over 40 years that I have spent online, only one company stands out as being strictly honest and have the very best support in the industry. Of course, it is my view but I am speaking from experience and I hate to be ripped off.

First decide what you blog is going to be about. Is it personal or is it about a subject. If it is personal, like mine is, try and use your own name with a .com extension. If it is about fly-fishing, for example, try and incorporate that in the name of the website. Aim for either a .com (preferably) or another one of the new ones that are appropriate to your subject. .com is still the best choice.

Registering you domain is the easy bit and if you you follow my suggestions, very inexpensive. Once you have registered your domain name, the website that you make using it will have to be found on the World Wide Web by typing in the domain name that you have chosen. Therefore, your website name will need to be hosted, that means a company that provides this service, a web hosting company. The could be the same as where you registered your domain name but not necessarily.

There are arguments to keep them separate and together. You might want to Google the question and see what people say.

One big argument is that the name of your website becomes synonymous with you and you may want to protect it from future and unforeseen events. Whatever you do, you should encrypt your operating system. You should also encrypt access to your website by the company that hosts your site. If you use an Apple product to access the web, the OS has an encryption option. I don’t know about Window’s machines.

Another utility that you will need is an anti-virus program. I use Kaspersky and I am pleased with it. You can have a look at it through the link. It is NOT an affiliate link.


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