Silicon Bites – Russia has Inflicted Huge Trauma on Ukraine in A Year of Aggression and Lies

4,845 views Apr 6, 2023 Silicon Bites – Summary of key news & events
Edition No6 | 17-03-2023
A Year of Aggression and Lies


It’s High Time to Decolonize Western Russia Studies
Why has it taken a war of conquest for experts to recognize Russia’s nature as a vast imperial enterprise?
By Artem Shaipov, a member of the Aspen Institute’s NextGen Transatlantic Initiative, and Yuliia Shaipova, an advisor at the Ukrainian Parliament.


The Moscow Times…
Russia’s Second, Silent War Against its Human Capital
By Andrei Kolesnikov | 4th March 2023…
Conscripts Who Complained to Putin Wiped Out in Battle
4th March 2023…
Russia’s Wagner Mercenary Group Launches Youth Club in St. Petersburg
4th March 2023

The Economist…
Russia’s sanctions-dodging is getting ever more sophisticated – How banks are greasing the wheels of the growing grey trade
Mar 2nd 2023…
Ukraine finds stepping up mobilisation is not so easy – Military recruiters are accused of rough tactics as they try to boost the head count
Feb 26th 2023 | KYIV…
The war in Ukraine has made eastern Europe stronger – But will the EU’s new balance of influence endure?
Feb 27th 2023 | WARSAW

The Financial Times…
Tracking Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in maps
FT Visual & Data Journalism team | 3rd March

Ukraine asks EU for 250,000 artillery shells a month –
Defence minister Oleksiy Reznikov seeks big boost to ammunition supplies to ease critical shortage

US launches new crackdown on Russian sanctions busting –
Push by three agencies comes amid fears imports flowing from UAE and Turkey are fuelling war in Ukraine

Blinken meets Lavrov for first time since start of Ukraine war –
US and Russia’s top diplomats speak for 10 minutes on sidelines of acrimonious G20 gathering

Russia on alert after reconnaissance group crosses over from Ukraine –
Vladimir Putin convenes security council and cancels planned trip in response to border incident

Vatnik Soup

Real World News…



Atlantic Council – Shaping the global future together…

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