Nuclear Fusion and the Race to Power the Planet – with Arthur Turrell

What is nuclear fusion, and could it really help combat the climate emergency?
Arthur’s new book “The Star Builders” is available now:
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Arthur Turrell takes us on a thrilling tour of one of the greatest technological and scientific challenges humanity has ever undertaken: reproducing the power source of the stars on our own planet. Telling the remarkable stories of the scientists and entrepreneurs who have dedicated their lives to a seemingly impossible dream, Arthur will offer an unmissable insight into how efforts to produce clean energy from nuclear fusion are inching closer to reality.

Arthur Turrell has a PhD in plasma physics and nuclear fusion from Imperial College London, where he remains a Visiting Scientist. He is also a visitor to the Bank of England, and the Data Analytics for Finance and Macro Research Centre at King’s College London. His research combines methods from data science, economics, and physics, and today he works as an economist and data scientist.

This talk was livestreamed on 16 September 2021.


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