Jeremy Howard: Deep Learning Courses and Research | Lex Fridman Podcast #35

0:00 – Introduction
1:18 – First program
3:07 – Favorite programming languages
15:01 – Programming languages for machine learning
23:35 – intro (to be continued later)
24:31 – Ai and deep learning in medicine
32:30 – Privacy
37:55 –
40:42 – Theory vs practice
45:43 – DAWNBench – Stanford deep learning benchmark
56:24 – Fusing multiple audio and image sources
59:01 – Learning rate & deep learning as an experimental science
1:04:32 – Working with data
1:06:16 – Deep learning cloud options
1:09:12 – Deep learning frameworks
1:17:51 – How long does it take to finish courses?
1:19:49 – Lessons from teaching deep learning
1:21:34 – Advice for people starting with deep learning
1:27:02 – Startups and entrepreneurship
1:32:21 – Anki and spaced repetition
1:40:06 – Next breakthrough in deep learning
1:41:17 – Job displacement and Andrew Yang

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