I took my ELECTRIC CAR for its first EVer SERVICE and was SHOCKED! Prepare yourself for this…

143,911 views Jan 31, 2023 PORSCHE CENTRE LEEDS
Electric Cars, EV, Electric Vehicles, call them what you like, we are told that they are the future of motoring, we are also told that they are cheaper to run than petrol or diesel internal combustion engine cars.

However I believe that isn’t the actual reality of EV Ownership. I own an all electric Porsche Taycan and found that with the initial outlay and using public electric charging points driving an Electric Car costs substantially more than running a petrol or diesel car, even charging your electric car at home is now more expensive because of the rising Electricity Prices.

I’ve had my EV now for just over a year and it’s due it’s first EVer service. So in today’s vlog we are going to Porsche Leeds to se just how much it costs and what’s involved in servicing an Electric Car.





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