Fiona Hill on Putin’s Plans If Jan. 6 Had Succeeded

Emma Barnett meets Fiona Hill, senior director for European and Russian affairs on the U.S. National Security Council under Donald Trump, to discuss how the international community should negotiate with Vladimir Putin, what it was like to testify in Trump’s first impeachment and her experience working in his White House. Interview recorded on April 25, 2022.

There is nothing for you here | | Not understood by 50 per cent of all Americans. Are you one of them?

What a mess in Kazakhstan. Regarding the leadership, to be a saint is the exception. To be upright is the rule. Words thanks to Victor Hugo

Have Ukraine join NATO immediately since in the words of BoJo Pinocchio, the first toe-cap has already crossed the border..

Regarding the leadership in Russia… To be a saint is the exception. To be upright is the rule. Words thanks to Victor Hugo… Quite possibly echoed by President Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron

The FBI having fun in Russia |

Russia’s Aggression Against Ukraine Is Backfiring?

The CCP’s corrosive influence on Hollywood? Do the money men care…

Edward Snowden in his own words. An independent and upright individual whose words now have a real poignancy |

Ukraine News 🇺🇦@UkraineNews0·18m🇬🇧#British troops arriving in #Estonia, transporting military equipment and tanks. The deployment is part of a #NATO mission and comes as #Russia invades #Ukraine. The people of the Baltic states deserve our 100% support. Their leaders are universally upright unlike their counterparts in Russia. I really do feel for the protesting Russian people! Copied a tweet from SkyNews.

The countless citizens of Russia rightly protesting about the military and lethal attack by their own troops against their cousins in Ukraine are banging their head against a brick wall. Well, we saw what happened in East Germany. Hmmm. Maybe, just maybe…

Dozens of people were wounded during the night in Kyiv, but the Ukrainian government is still in control of the capital, mayor Vitali Klitschko said on Saturday.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced on Saturday that Turkey will stop Russian warships from passing through the Black Sea. From ABC News. Hats off to Turkey! Turks cannot be bribed Vlad…

The impassioned and clear speech by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, in Russian to the Russian people, having telephoned President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin with silence as a direct response…

To quote Victor Hugo, who was no saint himself, to be a saint is the exception. To be upright is the rule. In the confrontation, between the two leaders Zelenskyy and Putin, only one can be considered upright.

Replying to @CarolineLucas the Tories are similar to the the GOP (The Grand Old Party ~ Republicans in the USA) ie racism, stuffed into fascism, stuffed into grift. A new study has found that wealthy people are more likely to lie, steal, cheat and engage in other unethical behaviour because of their money makes them feel ‘Entitled’.

@EU_Commission: For Ukraine to be officially recognized as a candidate state to the European Union #StandForUkraine – Sign the Petition! via @UKChange

It is important that posts are verified and I should urge Russian speakers to draw their own conclusions. While the Kremlin has adopted paper and pencil for secret communications, this whistleblower has used Facebook to publish their work here:

There is a reasonable chance that people will focus on the prospect of Nuclear War. During the ‘Cuban Missile Crisis’ it was a Russian General who pulled the plug on Nikita Khrushchev. I can only hope that the same thing will happen again… Risky!

Things didn’t go the way Ted planned Events dear boy. Events.

Poor Alexey Gudoshnikov having to toe the Kremlin line of lies and shout down an Army Vet who was appealing for respect for fallen comrades!

Life and careers in particular is about taking calculated risks and if you don’t risk anything, you don’t achieve anything. More here from Christopher Steele, a former MI6 Officer:

We are all guilty of funding the war in Ukraine by paying our gas bill |

Putin being removed from power is “Impossible”… Nothing is impossible!

A list of all the Putin critics who wound up murdered

Even the wives of Oligarchs fear for their lives currently. See how one describes it

China cannot be tied to Putin and needs to be cut off as soon as possible |

“Pulling Power From the Sky: The Story of Makani” | | With President Vladimir Vladimirovich 5 Kopeks Putin invading Ukraine, it is vital to continue researching sustainable energy…

Russian Motorised Brigade Soldiers Captured | | The original poster maybe after ‘Click-bait’ since there are no pilots shot out of the sky being interviewed… | Remarkable nevertheless and the Russian soldiers treatment by the Ukrainians is in stark contrast to the Kremlin treatment towards the residents of Mariupol.

The WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange wed Stella Moris at Belmarsh Prison. Assange’s incarceration is comparable to that of Alexei Anatolievich Navalny the Russian opposition leader, lawyer and anti-corruption activist also in jail for the same reasons namely that they upset very important people…

For those of you who react to the term VIP’s, these people are likely to suffer from a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I am no Psychologist but among this group are POTUS Pinocchio 45, BoJo Pinocchio, President Vladimir Vladimirovich 5 Kopek’s Putin and Xi Jinping, the Triad boss of bosses… They don’t like it up ‘em says Lance Corporal Jack Jones aka Clive Dunn of Dad’s Army

No Hiding Place for scoundrels. President Vladimir Vladimirovich 5 Kopek’s Putin’s yacht nicked. Who wants to buy it and return the stolen money to the long suffering Russian people? Or maybe donate it to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy.

President Vladimir Vladimirovich 5 Kopek’s Putin is running out of road | | Beautifully described by Jonathan Pie, an honest man among crooks…

Who Ordered The Killing of Boris Nemtsov And Why? Story | | You couldn’t make it up…

When we see an interesting story in the British Times newspaper published on Twitter, I am glad that we can access it without lining the pockets of the Australian and naturalised American Oligarch, the single and most dangerous entity on the planet says a Twitter subscriber…

Russian soldiers committed War Crimes? Them, their parents, the entire Kremlin and Putin should be publicly caned and jailed. and Oligarchs money should be used to repair Ukrainian infrastructure, compensate the families plus the theft from the Ordinary Russian people exposed together with all those men and women who facilitated such theft, at home and abroad.

She hasn’t paid in a bill in 9 years. . . #gas #electric | I wonder what Eon would make of this? | Yes, ever wondered why your power bill looks like a cheque? That’s because it’s an ‘Incohate Bill’. Look up the law concerning Inchoate Bills and all it needs to be completed and paid is your signature and a postage stamp on the back. Allegedly…

Corona-measures: Lawsuit for genocide filed in The Hague Not reported by the BBC! Why?

Roman Abramovich’s Dirty Money and how ordinary Russian’s paid for his wealth…

Putin’s Doomsday Threat and, more importantly, what to do about it… During the ‘Cuban Missile Crisis’ it was a Russian General who pulled the plug on Nikita Khrushchev. I can only hope that the same thing will happen again!

A coup against Putin: wishful thinking or a real possibility? It was a Russian General who pulled the plug on Nikita Khrushchev. I can only hope that the same thing will happen again!

The Myth of the Missing Cyberwar: Beware because it could be coming to a computer near you… | Those Russians… As the song goes!

We’re approaching the most dangerous point in human history | | Noam Chomsky

Arnold Schwarzenegger tells Putin to “Stop this war” | | As if he would listen… He and the entire Kremlin needs to be removed from office and give Russians a break!

BoJo Pinocchio must GO!

What lessons can be learned from ‘Ancient Rome’ | | that can be applied to the rebuilding of Ukraine using the Russian troops that shelled the place to destruction?

The News Sources That Republicans And Democrats Trust The Most, Visualised:

This week, Dean Kirby of @theipaper revealed the first eyewitness account from inside the Bezimenne camp of interrogations before people are taken on buses into Russia the same as the Russians did in Chechnya.

We rightly blame the attitude of Priti Patel Home Secretary of the United Kingdom for the glacial progress of applications for refugees fleeing Ukraine. No less in Israel according to Haaretz from the despicable policies of Israel’s interior minister, Ayelet Shaked (SIC)

Putin tightens grip on Russian dissent behind a new Iron Curtain | | It will all end in tears. As if the tears shed already were not enough…

‘The Queen’s first minister is now beyond doubt a rouge prime minister, unworthy of her and her Parliament.’ Lord Peter Hennessy. Hmmm. Are the Duma having likewise reservations about their president? I wonder if privately they are…

Drones, hackers and mercenaries – The future of war | DW Documentary | |

It is irresponsible of the United States of America not to agree to the International Criminal Court and not least Putin’s Russia as opposed to the people of Russia…
Putin is being as degrading and as horrid and as appalling as he possibly can be. He wants to effectively strangle and suffocate the men and women where they are. It’s an appalling catastrophe.

‘We’ve had such a terrible response to Russia’ – Bill Browder | | 5 Kopek’s favourite Oligarch who is bigger than and more determined than him. Not quite as rich perhaps but then he didn’t steal his money from the Russian people… As the Russian proverb says, “Hope dies last,” and the hope of a free Russia still lives.

Tbilisi where Thousands of Russians have fled since the Invasion of Ukraine | |

Russian father has no mercy for his son – says this war will continue as long as it needs be | | The effect that delusional propaganda has on an otherwise sane population would make Reichsminister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda Joseph Goebbels proud…

Maybe rather than the ‘De-nazification’ of Ukraine the ‘Special Operation’ by the Kremlin and President Vladimir Vladimirovich 5 Kopek’s Putin particularly, should be retitled ‘Child Abuse’…

Disinformation is everywhere. In Russia, in Ukraine, in the USA, in China and anywhere where the poison pen of the Murdoch press scrawls. Not least regarding Covid 19. Maybe, just maybe, the Danes are getting it right?

Ukraine War: Putin’s Victory Day speech fact-checked | |

Pranks Destroy Scam Callers – GlitterBomb Payback | | These Scam Centres are located in India. I blame Prime Minister Modi for allowing this corruption to take place. Mind you, he is squeezed between two of the most corrupt politicians on earth, President Putin and Xi Jinping, the Triad boss of bosses.

Russian Assassins Linked To Murdered Russian Politician | | You couldn’t make it up…

Hackers Humiliate Putin; Goebbels Kremlin Propaganda Corrected On Russian Holiday | | And the Russians themselves did it. It is about time that sensible others joined sensible Russians to counter this distortion of the truth presented at home.

Fiona Hill on Putin’s Plans If Jan. 6 Had Succeeded | | Worth a watch. Pure Common Sense.

There is nothing for you here | | Not understood by 50 per cent of all Americans. Are you one of them?

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Most watched video’s featuring our Russian friends…

Ukraine: Russia’s invasion is the start of the Third World War | Yuri Felshtinsky

What is your biggest regret? 100 Russians

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