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What are Adchiever’s Loyalty Rewards all about and why does it matter?

Learn all about it.

Below I will provide you with simple steps to follow in order to set up your account and start receiving results from adchiever immediately!

After that I will explain the features of our site and how they work 🙂

Share Adchiever

So, having joined for free, filled in your email address and other details, you will get a unique url to promote for yourself. It will look something like this which, is mine. The only difference is the number on the end that will be unique to you.

Look around the site to find the best method of promoting your unique Adchiever url.

A Uniform Resource Locator (URL), colloquially termed a web address, is a reference to a web resource that specifies its location on a computer network and a mechanism for retrieving it.

Your very first step to begin building your list and also earning generous commissions from our site is to spread the word. Get tools by clicking HERE.

Once there, follow the instructions to promote Adchiever, you will earn money from every person you refer that upgrades, 100 mailing credits per referral, get closer to completing the referral challenges, and mail your 5 level downline through the adchiever system!

Account Setup

The next step is to update your account info with us. This includes updating your Account Profile, and Commission Info. This way we can keep proper records and pay you!

Start adchieving!

Lastly, read below to learn more about what our site has in store for you, and keep promoting your affiliate link all over the web to grow your network and list!

The main feature of our site is the mailing feature, this allows you to mail other members of adchiever with your offers. However, depending on your membership level you will have different privileges.

As a new member I promised to give you 300 mailing credits – to get those go to the Reward Codes page and enter NEWMEMBER it will activate a special code so after you read your first 25 mails you will be rewarded 300 bonus mailing credits!

To read more about adchiever you should start by reading the About page.

Then, start opening mails you receive from our site to your inbox and click on the earn credit links, you will then earn credits towards sending your own mailings… and also get closer to completing challenges which will give you huge bonuses!

If you want to get many times bigger rewards when you complete challenges, bigger commissions, and also be able to mail to the membership every 3 days WITHOUT spending credits, make sure to check out your upgrade options.

Enjoy the site, promote it hard, earn huge commissions, and build a massive list!

To your advertising success,

Darren Olander

Tweeted via Focus OmniTweet: Adchiever Fast Start | | Nothing is more noble, nothing more venerable than loyalty ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero



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