Mr Safelist

If you read my Best Converting Sites report for the past month then you will have noticed that Mister Safelist is my #2 best performing site.

Mister Safelist is responsible for 32 subscribers that joined my list last month. It generated 1,263 visitors and conversion rates are 39 visitors to get 1 subscriber. All visitors come from the
Site Of The Day

It’s rare to have such results in safelists. Usually, conversion rates are much worse. And it takes more than 200 visitors to get 1 signup unless you get visitors from your email list, solo ads, or login ads.
Since most members don’t use all these other ways to promote, they are less saturated than just the safelist emails.
To help you with your first promotion email, start with welcoming the reader by his or her first name that you simply put in brackets.
[FIRST_NAME] will be replaced with a member’s first name…